MELONSEED 13'4" - Built by Etienne Muller 2020 - Designed by Selway Fisher

The Stem has been Been notched into the first former, screwed to the second former, and clamped between two supports at the strong-back. I am four strips up from the sheer. The plans call for a 9mm X 33mm strip. I am hand beveling the strips, so I won't be losing as much as bead and cove would take off the strip width. My Strips are 8mm x 22mm. My strips are very regular, and I take care to keep them exactly aligned, so I think, once faired, my hull will be easily as thick as a hull glued up from wider 9mm strips. This hull is going to be stapleless, but the sheer strip is screwed down. the rubbing strip will eventually cover those screw holes.

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