MELONSEED 13'4" - Built by Etienne Muller 2020 - Designed by Selway Fisher

The last strips about to be glued on. The cockpit, as per the drawings, is about a foot longer toward the bow. I lengthened the foredeck to allow for more room to play around with the look of the deck design. I am glad I did this. The deck looks well balanced fore and aft, as well as having sufficient width along the side decks to give a pleasing chunkyness to the sides. I was unsure if the red cedar along the outer edges of the deck should have been wider, but I didnít want the pinstriped area to be too mean, so I continued the yellow cedar around the cockpit. I am very glad I did this now. Some things are hard to envisage, sometimes one just has to commit and hope for the best. My original intention was to continue the capping coamings over the foredeck to a natural point. Then I started wondering if they were going to intrude too much on the look of deck stripes.

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