MELONSEED SKIFF 13'4" - Built by Etienne Muller 2020 - Designed by Selway Fisher - This is the first Selway Fisher Melonseed 13'4" to be launched.

I had been keen to build something with fine detail, but did not want to put the effort into a boat that did not have elegance and some pedigree. It also needed to be small, as I will be launching and retrieving it single handed, sometimes from rough slips. So I hunted You Tube for some weeks and came across these sweet little boats that date back in their evolution to the beginning of the last century. The Melonseed Skiff. I chose the Selway Fisher version because it has a centerboard, rather than a dagger, and a CB always allows one a little more variation in balancing the rig.

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Melonseed Sail Plan

Melonseed Sail Plan.jpg